Body Positivity in Bloom: Embracing Lingerie Diversity

Welcome fierce femmes to our cosy corner of the internet, where lace meets empowerment and confidence blooms in every curve! As the temperature rises and the flowers begin to blossom, it's the perfect time to breathe new life into our lingerie wardrobes and embrace the beauty of our bodies in all their glorious shapes and sizes. Here at Ouh La La, we firmly believe that lingerie serves a greater purpose than simply adorning your body; it's about celebrating it, unapologetically, regardless of its shape or size

What does it mean to dress for your body type?

Styling yourself according to your body type involves accentuating or minimizing the proportions of your bust, waist, and hips with clothing. This approach, though not based on precise measurements, offers generalized rules to determine your shape. For instance, if your hips are wider than your bust, you're typically classified as a pear or triangle shape. Conversely, if your bust and hips are similar but your waist is narrower, you're considered an hourglass.

However, while body shape dressing provides a convenient set of style guidelines, it overlooks the diverse range of body types. Bodies vary greatly, and not everyone neatly fits into these categories; some may even fall into multiple categories. Additionally, bodies undergo changes over time, making these guidelines less applicable as individuals' shapes evolve.

Is dressing for your body type a myth?

Lakyn Carlton, a personal stylist and advocate for sustainable fashion, has always challenged the conventional body shape dressing rules. She believes these guidelines can stifle our creativity and limit our shopping experiences. 'We're more than just our bodies,' she asserts, encouraging us to liberate ourselves from the confines of these rigid rules.

Dr Dawnn Karen, the pioneering fashion psychologist behind "dopamine dressing," shares Lakyn's perspective. She emphasises dressing for our psyche, not just our body shapes, highlighting the importance of considering our emotional needs in fashion choices

Meanwhile, Carly Landig, a stylist and creative mind, acknowledges the usefulness of some body shape principles but advocates for flexibility. She suggests viewing them as helpful guides rather than strict rules. "We're all unique," she reminds us, encouraging us to embrace our individuality in choosing lingerie styles that make us feel confident and comfortable

But remember, for lingerie and our overall style, body-shape dressing should never feel confining. View it as a style springboard, not a final destination. Celebrate your uniqueness in style!

So, should you dress for your body type? Well, if you find it helpful, sure! But don't feel confined by the rules. It's okay to pick and choose which tips resonate with you and ignore the ones that feel limiting. Pick and choose what works best for you. After all,  lingerie should be empowering and fun, not restrictive!

If you do decide to dabble in body shape dressing, here are a few quirky tips to help you adapt it to your personal style:

Find Your Fashion Inspiration: 

Start by exploring what you love. Create Pinterest boards to discover your preferred colour palette, accessory styles, and outfit combinations. Experiment with different looks and see how they fit into your lingerie wardrobe without worrying about the models' body types.

Focus on Your Favourite Features: 

Instead of conforming to societal ideals, emphasise what you love about yourself. Highlight your favourite assets, and don't be afraid to distract from areas you're less comfortable with. Listen to your body and wear what makes you feel confident, regardless of trends or shapes.

Dress for Your Mood: 

Consider how you want to express yourself each day. Think about the mood you want to embody and choose lingerie that boosts your confidence. Fashion is a form of communication, so let your lingerie speak volumes about your personality and mood.

Adapt Trends to Your Body and Preferences: 

Don't let media portrayals dictate what looks you can pull off. Embrace trends that resonate with you and make them work for your body and preferences. Remember, confidence is key, so rock any look with self-assurance and style.

Prioritise What You Love: 

Your body is an integral part of your personal style. Instead of hiding or disguising it, showcase what you love. Highlight your favourite features and celebrate your unique shape. Remember, the most important fashion rule is to wear what makes you feel good—inside and out.

When it comes to lingerie, it's all about self-expression. By focusing on your unique style, confidence, and personal preferences, you can style lingerie that truly reflects your individuality and makes you feel fabulous, and Ouh La La is here to celebrate every curve!