PrimaDonna lingerie
has a long and illustrious history. From its simple beginnings in
Germany in 1865 to its present worldwide near-domination of the world of
undergarments, it has developed unsurpassed expertise in luxury lingerie. It is especially popular with ladies with larger curves,
and there’s no doubt that this is simply because of the sheer attention
PrimaDonna pays to ensuring that every bra and coordinate is designed
with the utmost in style, support, and comfort. Here, we look in brief
at why PrimaDonna enjoys the success that it does and where you can buy
this ravishing underwear.

PrimaDonna believes that looking stunning in lingerie should not be denied to any woman, no matter what her shape, age, or size. That’s why PrimaDonna lingerie is designed with meticulous attention to detail. You may look at the price tag of some items in the collections and wonder what could possibly merit the cost. However, it may help to explain that if we say that there is more actual handiwork, as opposed to automated processes, involved in the manufacture of PrimaDonna underwear than perhaps you’ll find in any other brand. Each bra, for instance, undergoes a minimum of 40 different stages in its assembly; and is rigorously tested for quality before it is finished. That includes examining the fabric and lace; each and every fastening, elasticity, and underwiring; and all straps, to ensure each element performs as it should. The process ends with hand inspection, and all designs are road-tested before widespread manufacture by real women.

And if you doubt the intention behind the company, it’s worth considering the sheer range of sizes of PrimaDonna bras available. To ensure that any woman, no matter her size or shape, can benefit from the beauty, style, and comfort offered by the range, PrimaDonna collections include styles which run to cup size I, which is not something you’ll find in just any run of the mill department store. Likewise, any good PrimaDonna store, online or otherwise, will stock underwear in sizes Small to 5XL. And the range doesn’t just include briefs: culottes, hot pants, and G-strings mean that there will be a style to make every woman feel beautiful, fully supported, and comfortable too. There is no wonder that all women, and particularly those with fuller figures, love PrimaDonna for its ability to enhance and flatter their natural curves. Popular collections include Deauville, Madison, and Orlando.

As well as the above collections, our online and physical stores also stock Madison, Deauville, Orlando and more, with new season and on-trend colours and designs being released all the time. For Prima Donna lingerie you will love, why not visit our website at or our shop in Haywards Heath? We are always ready to offer the benefit of our advice if you are having trouble choosing from the vast array of lingerie we have on offer. Just call us on +44 (0)1444 455123 or email us at We will help you find your perfect style and fit.